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"Somewhere in this world exists a medium, something that will enable you to channel your spirit and your passion into your every day actions… find that somewhere, cultivate that something and create a world for yourself worth being in love with." -Kayne McPhillips PCFB

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Ship’s log

Check out our latest shots from our explorations across the globe. From flying seaplanes to sailing the islands, hunting with hawks to levitating gators, here are some of the more memorable moments.

  • Heaven on earth: Exuma, Bahamas

    For 3 weeks we sailed the Exuma island chain.  The island-scapes in the Exumas are straight out of a dream with bright white sand beneath crystal clear water that is

  • The hideaway: Eleuthera, Bahamas

    One of our favorite spots, Spanish Wells is a little 2 mile island that is known for it’s world class fisherman and is the lobstering HQ of the Bahamas.

  • The cliffs of Flamborough: England

    We visited Flamborough Head and hiked the beach at low tide.  The natural archways, caverns and enormous white cliffs were natural works of art.  The algae forms vivid

  • UK in a camper van: England, Scotland,...

    After 6 weeks in England, Woody boldly lent us his camper van for our last week and a half for a road trip around the UK.  Our time in England was spent hiking up

  • Hiking the English Pennines: Bleaklow, England

    Our hike up “the backbone of England” was amazing.  We hunted hare and grouse with Woody’s dogs Ivvy and Fez as we scoured the diverse mountainside,

  • Lost in London

    Kayne & Tyler walked the streets of the London scoping out street art, eating street food and dodging zombies on the tube.

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Join the crew

Here are a few at the forefront of the pirate movement, pushing the limits of themselves, their fields and the countless people they inspire. You don't have to sail to be a pirate, you just have to follow your dreams!

  • 1531701_10151970982919748_228078859_o

    Tyler Watts


    Co-founder of Pirates of the Care Free Being and producer of the self titled documentary, Tyler travels full time creating music with N.W. Izzard, volunteering with the Never Say Never Foundation and producing grass roots films.

  • kayne bio

    Kayne McPhillips


    Co-Founder of Pirates of the Care Free Being, Kayne is an inspirational writer and avid traveler.  He is currently searching for a new live-aboard sailboat to add to the pirate fleet.

  • The good life!

    Brian Fernandez


    In 2012, Brian sold his vending company in the U.S. to pursue his dream of creating a self sufficient organic community in the Caribbean.  He is currently living off the grid aboard his sailboat “Alamar”, searching for properties in the Bahamas.

  • nick sailing campWUPO

    Nick Stilwell


    Co-Founder of the Never Say Never Foundation, Nick travels all year fundraising, public speaking and mentoring kids with disabilities.  Nick is proof that you can overcome anything with hard work and a positive attitude.

  • Ryan Bio-2

    Ryan Newhouser


    Co-Founder and head designer of PCFB, Ryan is a Colorado-based  artist whose inspirational designs focus on self discovery and thinking outside of the box.


  • 10172847_10153674572353696_5396370455512064788_n

    Paul “Woody” Woodcock


    Woody lives for an adventure and has explored the landscapes of over 30 countries and counting.  When he’s not hunting in Slovakia or snowboarding in France, he is volunteering in humanitarian projects from Bali to Florida.

  • 1540523_10202942843785482_3285249482306347109_o



    Always keeping the crew’s morale high, N.W.Izzard is a reggae inspired delta blues artist who is bringing modern production to traditional soul.