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Live your dream

The Pirates of the Care Free Being are a band of self proclaimed pirates, exploring the globe, encouraging others to cultivate their passion for life. What began as a group of friends making the decision to live for something more than routine and monetary ambition, has transformed into a conscious movement & an opportunity to help others. And now the collective visions of a film maker, writer & artist are being spearheaded by the adventure travel documentary series & using creative expression to invoke action in others, we are redefining Pirates as those who make their dreams a reality!

  • Flagonthehorizon

    Are you a Pirate?

    You don’t have to be a sailor to be a pirate, you just have to follow your dreams!  What does being a Pirate of the Care Free Being mean to you...

  • water cannon

    Pirate Camp 2012

    Get involved with the 2nd Annual Never Say Never Pirate Camp on October 11th-13th at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center, teaching challenged youth sailing skills...


    Never Say Never Foundation

     The Never Say Never Foundation is a non profit organization (501c3) that was formed to help disabled youth overcome adversity with a positive attitude. Focusing on...

The Krewe

Discover what being a pirate means to us.

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    Being a Pirate is all about pursuing your passion, whether you’re an artist, skateboarder, or chef……it doesn’t matter.  Develop your own unique style and show the world what you’re made of!

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    Being a Pirate is about taking an internal stand, refusing to let the spirit die, and in turn living by a principle of meaning rather than circumstance.

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    Being a Pirate means doing things your own way, truly living free.


The Vessel

See inside Alama'r, the official pirate ship of PCFB. We rescued this 1973 40' Cheoy Lee from Lexington Park Maryland; learning and restoring her while underway, bringing her back to life, on our voyage down the eastern seaboard.

Inside Alama’r

Pirate Swag

Check out the latest Pirate apparel, so you look good while you're doing your thing. Tee's, bandanas, tank tops, hats, & sunglasses coming soon!

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